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Estate Asset Search

Occasionally an executor, trustee or fiduciary of an estate for one reason or another does not have a clue of how to locate the assets or the liabilities of the decedent’s estate. It doesn’t matter if the decedent practiced shoddy bookkeeping or the surviving loved ones aren’t knowledgeable about what the decedent had or what they owed, these questions need to be answered. When faced with this challenge, most fiduciaries or executors strategy is to examine the decedent’s latest tax return and monitor the mail box for statements bills, statements from financial institutions or pension administrators. More and more individuals manage their finances online, making it more challenging to locate financial information. The online process requires passwords and eliminates the creation of paper statements. Delays in receiving this crucial information puts unneeded stress on the executor and usually prompts more inquiries from beneficiaries. NJEPRC can perform an Estate Asset Search, benefits include:

  • Uncover Hidden or Unknown Assets
  • Reduce the Administrative Burden on the Trustee
  • Expedite the Probate Process for the Executor
  • Transparent Report for Beneficiaries
  • Reduce Probate Costs