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Legal Services

In the beginning of the probate process, there is almost always some confusion and numerous questions to be asked. If the probate process is not administered correctly it can be expensive and the executor could be sued. Having the help of an experienced probate attorney will give an executor or administrator peace of mind and reduce administrative tasks. NJEPRC probate attorneys have countless years of experience in assisting and advising executors and administrators to close out the estate swiftly and efficiently.

Usually then, “How much help from an attorney will I need?” NJEPRC evaluates every estate individually and gives the executor or administrator the freedom to choose the amount of help they will need. Whether you need an advisor or if you would prefer us  to administer the entire estate, NJEPRC allows the executor or administrator to choose the level of help they require. Contact NJPERC today and we discuss with you how we can assist you and preserve value of the estate.